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Fees for Services may be determined by an hourly rate or a total cost, according to your preference. For each service, all of the charges are billed to the nearest quarter hour. Free estimates are available upon request at PopkoCommunications.com.
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Business Writing
Personal Writing
Before beginning to write, Popko Communications will thoroughly research your company, your competition, and the mindset of your target audience, in order to effectively communicate your message in the marketplace.
Popko Communications will take care of any writing needs you may have, from emails and letter writing, to penning your authentic autobiography, and more. Elizabeth combines powerful, attention-grabbing vocabulary with creative formatting to showcase your resume and/or other projects.


Basic Editing
Extensive Editing
Documents are checked for the following: spelling, grammar, correct word usage, punctuation, awkward sentence construction, general structure, redundancies, and inconsistencies in the narrative voice.
In addition to Basic Editing, the text is rewritten or reworked to improve sentence structure, word choice, and fluidity. The formatting is adjusted, where needed, for improved visual appeal and clarity of message. Any unnecessary repetition or ambiguity is eliminated. The tone and style of the original author are always carefully preserved to maintain the integrity of the document.


This is suitable for documents that are already well-written and polished and only require a final check for minor errors of spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.